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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Zodiac From Astrologer

Sedang menikmati Keindahan- is it green is my lucky colour..yeah..i like it...
Dengan junior yang suka membuli

The meaning of sign TAURUS (my self, is it true ??? not all la..)

The first sign of the zodiacTAURUS
Your element: earthYour ruling planet : VenusThe tarot card corresponding to your sign : the emperor Your lucky color : greenYour stone : emerald

Your earth, the element of your sign, is an earth that sows seed. This is an agrarian soil of nature where gain is realized, felt, and experienced sensually. It is this soil that you impregnate with everything that is to be a Taurus. You love nature where you find an exaultation of the senses. Your well-developed senses love the perfume of flowers. You have a natural ability to communicate with animals. You love to experience, first hand, all that nature has to offer. Your earthy nature makes for a very sensual, physical, carnal being. No platonic lovers for you! However, you need lots of stability. You run the risk of experiencing great pain if this stability does not exist or is in question. You take your time before making any decisions and you rarely change your mind. You work with tenacity and patience, but you are often not rewarded as much as you deserve to be. The fact is that, contrary to the other signs, you don't know how to put yourself first. Your qualities are not always recognized at face value. In love, for example, you give a great deal of yourself, but others just seem to take this for granted and do not appreciate your efforts. During physical activities it is the same. You always accomplish everything you do, but you do it discreetly, so that you are not rewarded the responsibility or success that you should have. During your relationships, friendship or love, you are completly faithful. If you give your affection and your commitment, if is for ever. You give a great deal of youself and you are very disappointed at any kind of deception, and completely disarmed before mistakes and failures. Venus brings you much sensuality and charm. You have a magnetism that endowes you with a gift for Love. However, you are not frivolous. Just the opposite! Your need for stability and security makes you prefer longlasting relationships. Your faults often stem from your character. Your steadfastness may become inactivity. You have trouble adapting to new situations, crossing into unchartered waters, making quick decisions. Having several things on the go at once makes you nervous. Your connection with other signs: You have more chance of getting along with other steadfast signs. For example, Aries, Virgo and other Tauruses. You should however be on guard against anyone with air and water signs, particularly Geminis and Scorpios, who do attract you. This brief but frank analysis will help you make appropriate decisions in your life. Study it well so that you can take full advantage and maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. Those who succeed, no matter the situation, are those who consciously or unconsciously take maximum advantage of their trump cards, their successes, their strengths, and know when to exert self-control in moments of weakness.
The second sign of the zodiac ARIES

Your element : fire Your ruling planet : Mars The tarot card corresponding to your sign : the emperorYour lucky color : redYour stone : ruby

Your sign is dominated by fire and the planet Mars, which indicates a passionate nature. Fire is also associated with springtime, which brings new life after the cold of winter, and this fire is unstoppable and unquenchable. It would be useless to attempt to extinguish this fire since it would go against nature. There are positive and negative aspects for you here.From fire you have a contageous enthusiasm when everything is going well. But when things are not going as you had hoped, you may find youself sinking to low depths. You tend to be impulsive and rash. You have a habit of not thinking things through before you act, speak, behave, or make decisions. In general, you make and act on decisions quickly. When you are right, it is very positive, but when you are wrong you can cause yourself a lot of problems trying to rectify things. On the other hand, those close to you can count on you, at times too much, as you are apt to be easily enthused about things or people who are not always worth the effort. When you do anything it is never in half measure. Your character is such that you always go the extra mile. Since you do not always think things through, you can be frequently disappointed. This is why, more than any other sign, you need to heed good advice and ascertain your position. On an emotional level, the double action of Mars and the sun cause you to be of a passionate nature. When it comes to romance your relationships are never cool or calm. Your character is such that you must give your all and there are no compromises. You cannot stand deception or pretention. Obstacles that arise in your emotional life cause you pain and suffering , for you give from the depth of your being, and are hurt when this is not returned. From Mars, you have inherited a combative nature when you sense that you can win, but you also know when to let go if you think the obstacles are too great and appear insurmountable. Your faults often stem from your character.Your trusting nature, your openness and your enthusiasm can at times appear sincere, even naive. Your possessive temperament can lead you into situations that become exaggerated and painful. As a result, you may not be aware of the snares and pitfalls that await you. You have a tendency to want to persist in the errors of your ways. Your impetuosity and your energy may at times turn into wrath and fury. If you are not able to deal with these excesses of negative energy in an acceptable way, you run the risk of creating serious internal conflict, which will prevent you turning around the critical events in your life. In your immediate circle, you take on all moral transgressions as if they were your own . You have a strong tendancy to take a lot on yourself. When you realize you have been deceived, you are shocked and immediately break ties, but then come to regret the hasty decision. In your relationship to other signs you are often attracted by the spiritual and free-spirited and Equilebrium. You are also attracted to mystery and those who exhibit eccentricities, which are the opposite of your own character. You can agree with another Aries as long as all goes well, but at the first sign of trouble, watch out for sparks flying! This succinct profile will serve you well in making certain judgements in your life. You should become well versed in its content to take maxium advantage of its strengths, and to minimise its weaknesses. It should also be stated that those who succeed, no matter the situation, are those who consciously or unconsciously take maximum advantage of their trump cards, their successes, their strengths, and know when to excert self-control in moments of weakness.

Third sign of the zodiac . GEMINI
Your element : air Your ruling planet : Mercury The corresponding tarot card to your sign : the lover Your lucky color : Gray Your gemstone : Aquamarine
Your sign is the only double sign in the zodiac and because of that, it is fascinating. This double aspect is both a source of benefit and of conflict. Yes, you can both like and hate at the same time, be both excited and bored. In short, you are full of contradictions. These create numerous tensions and are the source of many conflicts with your surroundings. Your personality is thus subject to assault by many sensations, sometimes leading to delicate situations, especially in the area of feelings, (which are difficult for you to handle). How many times have you not been driven past enthusiasm to exhaustion, from an exaggerated life-style to the temptation to leave everything behind ? Your air element makes life difficult for you. You have a tendency to create complications because you have needs beyond those which others can satisfy. And you are not content with half-measures, or mediocrities.You have a vivid imagination which you want to make into reality, sometimes even though this is not possible. In this sense you are often disappointed by life, disappointed by others. In the domain of action, you either want to let go completely, or, you want to do one thousand things at a the same time. You start projects that you don't finish or that are impracticable. On the other hand, you will take risks to alleviate boredom and this could be very profitable. But you can sometimes waste chances and it is solely because of yourself. Yet, with your planet in Mercury, you inherited charm and the capacity for action. (But also for often wasted chances). Your relations with others are often difficult, leading to few long term relationships! Yet you have great potential and qualities that you may waste uselessly. Your main fault is a lack of constancy and combativeness. Sometimes when your difficulties are real, you can get yourself easily out of it when you decide to take things in hand and not change your view. You usually come through these situations well even though you have to fight against yourself. With other signs: You have a certain tendency to search for your exact opposite, like Taurus or Aries. These signs can be positive signs for you if your ascendants agree with this ; (it is necessary to remember the importance that the ascendant plays in human relations). You can match well with Aquarius, whose quietness can be beneficial to you.
Fourth sign of the zodiac CANCER

Your element : water Your ruling planet : The Moon The corresponding tarot card to your sign : the Wagon Your lucky color : blue Your gemstone : turquoise

Water gave us life. It is for us all natural, indispensable and completely mysterious. Glimmering and teeming with invisible life, it seems inexhaustible. Like it, you can purify ; like it, you can drown. It is from the water element that your sign gets its extraordinary sensitivity and you, you are true to your sign : very, very sensitive ! Your two main qualities are sensitivity and imagination. These do not make life easy. It creates much tension for you and your world is the one of feelings. Everything has for you an important reverberation, (even with things which would pass unobserved by others. )You see all ; you discern all ; you feel all. The good with joy and love, and the bad with often a certain sadness. Facing difficulties of existence, you are unarmed and sometimes alone. You suffer and you are easy target for those who want to give you pain. From your leading planet the Moon, you inherited mood changes, (cf the expression lunatic!). Of course, you are not affected to this degree, and are rarely aggressive. Yet this tendency sometimes plays you tricks in your relations with those near to you, because others don't understand what makes your attitude change. They don't see the pain that they bring you and how you can be so susceptible. From the Moon you inherited a very good trait, which you don't make use of sufficiently. Indeed, you have very powerful intuition. Yet instead of making use of this, you often have tendency to use reason instead, and not follow through on your 'hunches'. Thus, you let chances pass you by, especially with regard to possibilities of monetary gain. With other signs: Curiously, you have good relations with opposite signs, such as Leo or Aquarius. The first, with its impetuous and brilliant temperament will help you with your dreams. The second with its tranquility and quietness will soothe you. (This is provided that your ascendants agree. )With Earth signs, there will always be the risk of your never really understanding each other. Be especially cautious of Gemini in romantic relationships, because your sensitivity will not mix with their changeableness. This brief analysis can help you to lead your life more successfully. Learning about yourself allows you to benefit to the maximum from your strengths, and to minimize your weaknesses. People that succeed their in their existence, often know consciously or unconsciously how to make the best use of their assets, their advantages and their strengths, while knowing how to control their weak points.

Fifth sign of the zodiac LEO
Your element: Fire
Your ruling planet: The SunTarot card corresponding to your sign : La ForceYour lucky color: YellowYour stone: Gold

Your fire is the fire of high summer. It is incandescent, burning, and absolute. You do not accept, except with great pain, emotional mediocrity, half-measures, or half-hearted relationships. Passion must burn within you for you to find complete fulfillment. You have a great need to be loved, appreciated, and popular. Without this, you feel yourself entirely lost, abandoned, and very alone.You are very flirtatious and you love jewelry. You have a great need to be popular and admired. Often your personal magnetism and your charm help you in this, but when this is no longer the case you suffer deeply. You always set your standards high. Some of your personal qualities favor success but when you encounter difficult obstacles you still have not learned how to surmount them.To feel truly happy, you would need to succeed all the time. You have the capacity to do this, but your flaws occasionally hinder you at the first sign of trouble. Therefore, you hide yourself in silence and nothing you do can help.Your temperament pushes you into situations where you have to "save face", which does you more harm than good. You don't manage to be perfectly lucid, or to look issues clearly as they are. You cut yourself off from others and since you hate solitude, you don't see the chances which life can offer you. In these situations your ascendant plays an important role. It helps you to extricate yourself. The Lion which you are can easily manage to straighten its mane.Your relations to the other signs:With other Leos sparks may fly. One of the two must make some concessions to the other, and this will not always be easy. Your relations may consist of spectacular confrontations, or of obstinate unwillingness to listen.On the other hand you may surround yourself with signs such as Cancer and Aries who will often be ready to understand or admire you. In your private life a Sagittarius may be a very useful contact. Beware, however, of the signs of Air, particularly Geminis: all may go well with them for a time, but a fire can break out extremely quickly and ruin everything.This short, unassuming analysis can help you to better conduct your existence. To learn to know yourself better allows you to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.The people who succeed in life are often those who know consciously or unconsciously how to make the most of their talents, their advantages, and their strengths, while understanding how to maintain control over their weaknesses.
Sixth sign of the zodiac VIRGO

Your element: EarthYour ruling planet: MercuryTarot card corresponding to your sign: The HermitYour lucky color: WhiteYour stone: Diamond

In your sign the Earth, the planet of solidity and realism, allies itself with Mercury to make Virgo the most balanced sign of the zodiac. But be careful - balance doesn't mean that there are no problems. Balance means rather that your problems rarely come from within yourself. Essentially, everything within you is moderation, sensitivity, stability, clarity, and fidelity.From the Earth you inherit your stability and your fidelity. You have a sense of what's real. You know what suits you, you have a precise and clear idea of your character and of your faults. From Mercury you have received a great talent for logic and clarity. You think things through a lot, particularly before acting. You do not like adventures, the unknown, and the unstable, especially in human relationships and your emotional life.This makes you someone who is particularly helpless when faced with the frivolity, infidelity and inconstancy of others. You suffer when other people betray you, or are unfaithful or deceitful. If on the other hand you feel yourself to be confident, popular, and well loved, you are capable of great generosity and of giving enormously of yourself and don't think of anything except of giving, offering, of covering with attentions and favors. In these cases, others take advantage of you and you recover with difficulty from a great deception, with wounds that are difficult to heal. You nevertheless know how to give of yourself to others without letting it go too far.Your relations to the other signs:Your temperament pushes you to get along with any sign, although some of them will later prove to be dangerous for you. This isn't a reason to avoid them, but being aware will help you to avoid unpleasantness. Therefore you should be careful of Leo, Geminis, and above all of Libras, who can lure you in with their charm and their originality.You will be able to appreciate certain Tauruses, who may share your taste for stability but who will always be trying to gain control over you. Be careful with Scorpios - avoid their tendency to complicate emotional relations and to cause suffering for pleasure.

Seventh sign of the zodiac LIBRA

Your element: AirYour ruling planet: VenusTarot card corresponding to your sign: JusticeYour lucky color: PinkYour stone: Coral Your element, Air, lends you grace and charm.

You have a sure talent for delicacy and occasionally for nonchalance. You are very flexible and adapt yourself easily to different situations. You like change, novelty, and surprises. Like all the signs of Air you have a deep fear of boredom and routine. But you don't always know how to do what it takes to escape from them.You love everything which can make life more beautiful or joyful. You adore all kinds of performance, and you also have gifts and talents in these areas. You have an idealistic vision of existence in which everything must be beautiful, life easy, love successful, and happiness perfect. You may therefore occasionally fall from this great height, and then feel yourself to be helpless. Your tendency then is to let yourself go.Since Venus, the ruling planet of love, is your cardinal planet, love is the most important thing in your life. Love takes first place during your entire existence. You would like everything around you to be peace and harmony, with never a sign of conflict, tension, deception, or violence. You feel this need for love in an extremely sensual manner. You NEED to love, and in order to satisfy this desire you are very focussed on seduction, and you know how to seduce.Occasionally this gets you in trouble, since you don't always know how to make wise choices. You run the risk therefore of getting involved with people who want to profit from your need for love.Your relations to the other signs:You can deal very well with the instability of Geminis, and this may even attract you greatly, but if you're not careful you may suffer for it. You can have excellent experiences with Virgos, and may even form lasting relationships.You are attracted by Leos, but beware there as well. You risk boredom or problems of behavior with Taurus, Capricorn, and Aries. A relationship with a Scorpio may be either great passion or complete opposition. This short, unassuming analysis can help you to better conduct your existence. To learn to know yourself better allows you to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.The people who succeed in life are often those who know consciously or unconsciously to make the most of their talents, their advantages, and their strengths, while understanding how to maintain control over their weaknesses.

Eighth sign of the zodiac SCORPIO

Your element: WaterYour ruling planet: Mars and PlutoTarot card corresponding to your sign: Death Your lucky color: BlackYour stone: Amethyst

First, a word about your tarot card, the significance of which might be worrying you. Know that, in the symbolism of the tarot, Death indicates that which dies in order to be born anew in a better form. When it is reversed the Death card may indeed mean the end of something. But when it is right side up it evokes rebirth, renewal, a new beginning. This is characteristic of your sign. You sometimes have a tendency to link the very good with the very negative.Like all the signs of Water you are a very deep, mysterious, unfathomable being, sometimes inaccessible and uncontrollable. Your unconscious is so strong and so rich that psychoanalysis seems to have been invented for you. Your imagination is very powerful and very fertile. When you were very young, for example, you had thoughts which exceeded those of other children your age.With you there is no chance of either dullness or mediocrity. You have a taste for the absolute, and this is why existence sometimes seems difficult to you. You would like your life to be in perpetual movement, always fed by novelty and the exceptional. This isn't always easy to achieve, and you don't always give yourself the means to make it happen, even when great changes pass within your reach.The influence of Mars can make you combative and masterful. But be careful, because Pluto stirs up your deepest doubts and worries in order to draw you towards failure. This opposition means that sometimes you end up destroying what you love.In love, you have many requirements and many spiritual states that others sometimes have difficulty following. You occasionally run the risk of ruining relationships by giving too much importance to difficulties which could have been resolved with more understanding. You are fully conscious of your great qualities: an enterprising spirit, imagination, sensuality, charm, magnetism. But you also know your faults: desire for control, self-injurious behavior, impassioned behavior, tendency to complicate things and situations.Your relations to the other signs:You get along fairly well with Cancers as long as both your imaginations are alike; if not, the relationships risk being superficial. You should learn to truly appreciate certain aspects of Capricorns, who may be able to bring you a lot. You risk getting into conflict with Tauruses as soon as these relations become too close. With Geminis certain passions can become excessive and end badly. Aquariuses have an instinctive tendency to flee from you. It's up to you to decide whether you want to win them over.This short, unassuming analysis can help you to better conduct your existence. To learn to know yourself better allows you to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.The people who succeed in life are often those who know consciously or unconsciously to make the most of their talents, their advantages, and their strengths, while understanding how to maintain control over their weaknesses.

Ninth sign of the zodiac SAGITTARIUS

Your element: FireYour ruling planet: JupiterTarot card corresponding to your sign: TemperanceYour lucky color: Cobalt BlueYour stone: SapphirE
Like the other signs of Fire, your sign attracts others. If everything is going well in your life, and sometimes even in spite of problems, you have a gift for smiling, for gaiety, and for conviviality. From your ruling planet Jupiter you have inherited a great potential for luck. Your intuition is very strong; you get this from the animal portion of your emblem: the centaur. The centaur has the body of an animal and the head of a man. Symbolically, the animal aspect represents intuition. This intuition should lead you towards good fortune, guide you in your choices, and bring you to people who are positive influences on you. It should give you the skill of rapid and fair decision-making, a flair for that which can do you good, and an almost animal-like suspicion of that which can do you harm.Unfortunately, the head represented by the human part of the centaur too often gets the upper hand over intuition. You hesitate, you doubt, you think too much. Sometimes you even fear getting too involved, and you become distrustful for no reason. Therefore you let a great deal of good fortune pass you by, whether it be in the emotional or material realm. You know that when a chance comes by it's absolutely necessary to seize it immediately. You often regret your hesitations.Your relations to the other signs:It's possible to get along well with Capricorns. There is sexual attraction with Scorpios but these relationships may be risky. It is difficult for you to understand Geminis, and passion or rejection are the two forms of romantic relations between your two signs.You can relate well to Tauruses as long as your intuition is active and brings gaiety to the relationship. Contact with Pisces is difficult. You can live happy moments with Leos, but be careful of superficial friendships and of disenchantment.This short, unassuming analysis can help you to better conduct your existence. To learn to know yourself better allows you to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.The people who succeed in life are often those who know consciously or unconsciously to make the most of their talents, their advantages, and their strengths, while understanding how to maintain control over their weaknesses.

Tenth sign of the zodiac CAPRICORN

Your element: EarthYour ruling planet: SaturnTarot card corresponding to your sign: The DevilYour lucky color: OrangeYour stone: Amber
From your natural element Earth you draw a certain taste for stability, which is a strong characteristic of your personality. Your personal Earth is an Earth that is still in preparation, an Earth that must defeat the obstacles of ice and cold. From Saturn, your ruling planet, you have quickly understood that you can't live more than one life at a time and that choices are necessary.You know the importance of stability and fidelity. You are a person of commitment. When you commit yourself, it is completely, with all your soul. You know how to be faithful when it's worth it.You also have the will to follow the path to which you have committed. You are capable of a great deal of devotion. You can give a lot to others. Your sensitivity is deep even though modesty occasionally tempts you to hide it.You have a temperament which can be described as introverted and secret, and even if you know how to let yourself go you often show much less than you actually feel. Sexuality has great symbolic value for you and is often a deep commitment rather than a passing fancy. You find absolute fulfillment in a complete and stable union as your entire character is made in this image: complete and stable. And all your qualities occasionally make you suffer when others don't respond to your attempts.You cannot abide falseness or the breaking of commitments, and you can suffer from them. In these situations you can let yourself go and, since you rely a great deal on yourself and don't like to make a public display of your feelings, this can create tensions which freeze you up. You are very sensitive and occasionally fragile. If everything is going well you believe that it will last, but if things are going badly you feel your world is coming apart. You fall from a great height, and no longer know what to do.Your relations to the other signs:You can get along with Capricorns, even though they don't always attract you. In fact you have a tendency to occasionally go towards those who can be the most difficult for you, particularly Geminis or Scorpios.You have qualities in common with Virgo, but there is also risk of tension. Tauruses can be very beneficial for you, if you know how to deal with them.This short, unassuming analysis can help you to better conduct your existence. To learn to know yourself better allows you to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.The people who succeed in life are often those who know consciously or unconsciously to how make the most of their talents, their advantages, and their strengths, while understanding how to maintain control over their weaknesses.

Eleventh sign of the zodiac AQUARIUS

.Your element : AirYour ruling planets: Saturn and UranusThe tarot card corresponding to your sign : the Star.Your Lucky color : Purple Your stone : Black pearl

Like all air signs you are remarkably adaptable, as you like change,movement and novelty of all kinds. Your behavior may at times appearcasual and unreliable and you may sometimes be accused of being elusive,but your principal characteristic is that of belonging to both Saturn andUranus.The first of these planets leads you to look to the past from which youhave difficulty detaching yourself. You tend to dwell on past failuresand, instead of drawing from them useful lessons for the future, you allowyourself to be dominated by regret. Uranus, on the other hand, givesyou a certain originality, a taste for discovery and a capacity for takingchances.Until this issue if resolved your main problem will be your tendency tolook towards the past with consequent indecisiveness. You hesitate to takeaction and when you do it is often untimely. You hesitate between thedesire to overthrow and change everything and that of preserving the statusquo with the result that you may spend years wandering as much in yoursentimental as in your material life.Your relations with other signs:You do not relate well with the earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.You have more in common with the water signs such as Scorpio and Cancer atthe risk of serious tensions especially with Cancer.You may have some intense relationships with Gemini but these will provevery difficult to maintain on a lasting basis.This brief and simple analysis may help you in leading your everydaylife. To know oneself enables one to maximize one's strong points andminimize one's weaknesses.Successful people are often those who have consciously or unconsciouslymade the best of their gifts, assets and strengths whilst controlling their weaknesses.

Twelfth sign of the zodiac PISCES.

Your element: waterYour planet: NeptuneThe tarot card corresponding to your sign: The moonYour lucky color: BlueYour gemstone: Aquamarine

Like others of your sign your inner life is intense, your imagination is very strong and your subconscious strongly influences your daily life. You feel things very deeply and your sensitivity makes you notice that which others might miss. This leads you at times to be susceptible and can create problems with people who do not understand your point of view.You feel joy and sorrow deeply. Your childhood memories marked you for life. You dream a lot and your dreams are so vivid that you are impressed by their apparent reality. Jupiter and Neptune influence you in opposite ways as one leads you towards social activity and other towards the inner life and a desire for some isolation. This can cause you difficulty in taking timely action. You often act when it is too late and the consequent failures are painful to you as you are far from thoughtless.What great dreams and aspirations you have! Your sign is that of the greatest sensitivity; that of dreams which become reality, of deep longings and of tales which come true.Your great intuitiveness is perhaps the strongest of any in the signs of the zodiac. You sometimes feel that some of your dreams will come true and this may in fact happen..Your relations with other signs of the zodiac:You tend to seek out the more dynamic signs such as the Aries, Taurus, Scorpios and Capricorns although these may at times harm you.You are one of the rare signs who can tolerate for any length of time the air signs: Aquarius, Libra and above all Gemini on condition you can take much upon yourself which will not always be positive. You may have valid and lasting relationships, despite certain obstacles, with those born under the sign of Cancer.This brief and simple analysis may help you to better lead your life. To know oneself makes it possible to maximize one's strong points and minimize one's weaknesses.Successful people are often those who have consciously or unconsciously made the best of their gifts, assets and strengths while at the same time controlling their weaknesses. just the meaning from astrologer..but first..believe in God ya..(- V -)

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