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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Basic Human Needs

What You want???What i need???Fun?Freedom?Power?Survival?Love and belonging???So...what i give..i will get back......i need to responsible...what i was choose...

As human beings we have many needs, which can be grouped under five headings:

1.Love and Belonging
4.Fun (Enjoyment,)
When our life is out of balance we can look at these needs and assess whether one or more of them is being frustrated. If so, we can focus on things we can do, that are within our control, to bring about a better balance. These do not have to be major things. Here is a list of the major needs and examples of how we might meet them:

Giving & receiving love; being part of something; belonging to groups; someone to talk to; receiving attention; sharing experiences; supporting teams, political parties; work; chatting; greeting.
Self-esteem; esteem by others; power; achievement; worthwhileness; competing; confidence; winning.
Space; spreading my wings; elbow room; time to myself; independence; autonomy.
Fun; pleasure; appreciation; laughter; games, learning.
Food; shelter; health; sex.
As you can see from the list, there are many ways to meet our needs. We can think of the things we want as ways of meeting our needs, effectively or ineffectively. We all need to eat but I want a steak and you want a pizza. Not only do our wants often differ but the details of our wants are very specific. I want a steak, medium, in a black pepper sauce; you want seafood and mushroom with no peppers. I want a socialist government which will pay for social services for people on low incomes; you want a capitalist government which will cut welfare and taxes. To the extent that we can respect the fact that other people - including those nearest and dearest to us - want different things than we want, we can live in harmony. If we cannot respect these differences, then we must live in conflict.
To get what we want, we behave. We are engaging in one behaviour or another from the time we are born to the time we die. But this behaviour has components and when these are put together we can think of them as constituting Total Behaviour.

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